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Throw Common Core Math Out

Since 2010, many states have joined the national Common Core State Standards Initiative for math. As these new standards have been implemented across the country, however, many parents and educators have started questioning why kids’ simple math problems have become so complicated:


I can hear you saying it with me now: “Why?!”

Some of these examples of Common Core math would be laugh-out-loud funny if the results were not so devastating to children and families.

These new methods confuse kids. They confuse parents. They even confuse some math teachers and engineers.

Many experts have found that the math standards aren’t even age-appropriate for children’s normal cognitive development.

And do schools in Kansas or California or Vermont really need federal guidelines for teaching math to their kids? Some states have gone so far as to lower their math standards to be part of Common Core. “Dumbing down” math standards makes no sense in a globally competitive economy.

We need to throw these new standards out — and replace Common Core with some common sense.