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Talking Real Education Reform

Putting children first should not be a difficult political choice.

It’s Time to Change the Culture of School

Where to start?

Could we begin with smaller classes for early primary classes in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods? Yes, we could start there.

Or, stop paying teachers as if they’re clerks at the Post Office, where “time on the job” is the sole determinant of pay increases.

Or, start listening to parents in the evaluation of our instructional staffs.

Or, quit labeling children of color as a particular race or ethnicity or “mix” of races; we are actually exacerbating racism with many of our practices.

The time has come to change the culture. To that end, here are two videos from my perspective, which includes a “seat at the table” where schools are governed. I’m presently working for four Kansan public school districts as a substitute teacher, as a fully licensed teacher with three endorsements on my teaching license, and registration (in another state) as a Professional Engineer. I am presently seeing how the pieces fit together about as well as anyone else in the Sunflower State, and that includes our good commissioner, Dr. Randy Watson.

I don’t know how all of the pieces fit together; nobody sees all the pieces. But I have been privileged to have done a wide variety of things in this life, and I see how most of the big pieces fit (or don’t fit) into the puzzles of making schools work better for the daughters and the sons of our fellow citizens who struggle with modern life.

We can do better. We must. And we shall.

Enjoy these two videos… and please consider giving us some financial support. Changing school systems is not easy work. Thank you.

We borrow from Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Universal Pictures for an analogy from Apollo 13.

Let’s Fix American Education; let us change the culture.

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  1. Mrs. Carla Goodrich

    And a day short of Pi Day! Hold everything:
    58209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679 etc. Wishing this was the year we hear YOU calculated it to the zillions place LOL! At KNS we are totally onboard with the effects of smaller primary classrooms and ‘explicit’ instruction being a viable solution to shift THE ‘culture of failure’ which is essentially the ‘real deal’ issue…amazingly enough the individuals who top out the math/science scores (w/o race/gender inflicted prejudices/attitudes/etc.) are typically Native AMERICAN, Mexican, Latino, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian students! *THIS holds especially true in Omaha, NE* I saw it first hand. LOL

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