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Talking Real Education Reform

Putting children first should not be a difficult political choice.

Better Schools, Fewer Rules

Philip K. Howard is an attorney with a knack for cutting through the nonsense of law. I recommend his books wholeheartedly: The Death of Common Sense, Life Without Lawyers, and The Rule of Nobody. We met at his New York office and discussed politics, schools, and making social change so that our fellow citizens who choke on the stultifying rules have a better chance at achieving the American Dream.


I was privileged to receive an email today from Mr. Howard with an excellent video that sums up the situation quite nicely.

As we “take America back” it is not so much an effort to push against a political party as it is a push-back against an entire class of people with the attitude that more rules make us safer and healthier. This thinking is flat-out wrong. More rules do not make us safer or healthier. More rules in education starch the life out of our classrooms. When teachers have to check the rule-book for everything from what to teach to what they are permitted to say, students become disaffected, disinterested, and discouraged. Kids now bring their mobile phones to class even if the teachers say not to bring them, with no real repercussions. This “rebellion” is far more prevalent in poor schools than in affluent ones. Seriously, kids act with impunity in too many of our schools. Too many teachers are powerless to tell the students precisely what they expect of them. We have lost a great deal with this “rule book” authority that precludes sense and judgment.

Please watch the video. And please consider a donation to us or to Common Good.CommonGood.ORG

Remember, please, that no matter how much emphasis we place on the election for Presidency of the United States, we may thank Almighty God that in our system the president is really not all that powerful. We The People are a fourth and co-equal branch of government in our system.

Let us act with resolve to put humans with reason and judgment in charge of our affairs.

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